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Its funny how things never go exactly how you anticipate, but when you start to get the results you want, its always a pleasant surprise that it all actually worked out.

Take this blog for instance. I’ve had such a stuttered start. This thing has been on my mind to get off the ground for about 2 years now, but somehow the nerves always got the best of me. Finally I decided a few months ago that if I didn’t just jump in feet first, I’d never get anywhere.

After I did my first post, all sorts of ideas for things I wanted to do started popping into my head, and I draft some of what I want to say and saved for later use. Honestly, my biggest fear has been what if I can’t find anything/enough to talk about. And, does anybody really want to read it? Scary.

My other thought was about how to get people reading, but that was secondary, because I just wanted to get comfortable posting when I knew nobody was reading. Strange logic, right?

Yesterday, I solved part of this problem, but not in the way I expected to.

I joined the Burdastyle community back in 2010 and I joined YourStyleRocks last year. And, I’ve been lurking on both, as well as many other sewing blogs ever since. Well, since I’m on the whole blogging bravery thing, I decided to upload an entry to YourStyleRocks for their latest competition – Sensational Decorations.

As it turns out, this is all actually linked to the very first project (1 of 2) that I posted on Burdastyle….which I never blogged about…..until now.

It all started with the Rodarte for Target Dress in 2010. My friend Trudi was going to a wedding and she had fallen in love with this thing. Being crafty as we are – and seeing that it was impractical to order and have it shipped to Barbados – we decided that we would make this thing ourselves. So, Trudi went off to Abed’s (fabric store) to get some tulle and satin and I made this thing up with a few changes.

I posted about it on Burdastyle and got some really kind comments, too!

Since that time, this dress has been on my mind, and apparently many others’ too. It was so popular that it was offered again last year on Target’s website, and sold out just as quickly!

Well, no self-respecting sewist will take a thing and reproduce as is No. I wanted my version to be inspired by that original dress. So off I went to same-said Abeds and bought my fabric in shades of rust (kinda) & coral. The only hitch was that I couldn’t get matching lace or, more importantly, I couldn’t decide on what my version should look like.

To cut this long story short, I’m proud to say that there is progress. My entry for YourStyleRocks is not only my design solution to this dress problem, but it has given me good fodder for this post, AND a good excuse to sound my voice on Burdastlye by asking for everyone’s support in the forums.

Hopefully, I will get a few good votes for my design AND some much-needed & appreciated support for my blogging explorations here.  See, many birds killed with one stone…post…keystroke…whatever.

So, back to my opening lines….its interesting how a thing comes together in the most unexpected way.

I would be happy if you’d leave me a comment or two, add me to your blogroll or follow me. I’m still taking baby-steps with all of this, so bear with me, but I hope I can share many more projects with you all.



  1. Trudi Says:

    I ended up not wearing it, but only because I didn’t get the sash in time. But the idea was great…….Can’t wait to be part of the topic in more posts. 🙂

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