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And We’re Off May 21, 2012

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Going through my pattern stash to decide on what I should include in my new wardrobe is stirring up so much excitement, and its also taking me way back to the things I’ve wanted over the years, but for whatever reason never got around to.
What I really want it to be is a reflection of the girl I used to be, the girl I wish I was in a perfect world, and the woman I am now. And, I want to be able to reinvent myself any time depending on what my moods – which, I assure you, change frequently – are.
So to my choices thus far:

The Burda Style Tunic Dress Redux
This is attempt no. 2 at this dress. This time around I’m using a fun navy print with clouds and a tropical seaside border. My plan is to use version D of this dress, but with only one front pocket and a more functional side inset pocket, and no neck trim.

Another Burda Style Tunic Dress

Actually, I’ll be lengthening Blouse No 115 in the May 2009 Burda Style Magazine into a dress.

I had planned to wear this fun, flowery print to last year’s Christmas family lunch, but everyone ended up doing their own thing and I spent a quiet day at home.

I want Scolloped Shorts just like the ones in my old Lucky Magazines. I’m using the Burda Style Easy Summer Special shorts in a light, beige linen lined with cotton.

I want to let out my inner gypsy with a Swingy Versatile Skirt that can go with anything from a little camisole to a nice cotton blouse and a light jacket. So this one from журнал МОД 522 ( I know, the magazine pic is fugly!) will be transformed into cool, modern grey stretch jersey.

My 5th choice is a nod to my mother. I remember her wearing these simple boatneck dresses twenty-something years ago when I was growing up. So when I recently saw Dr. Helen Magnus rock an updated version in the Sanctuary Season 4 finale, I knew I had to have one. Mine will be self drafted and made up in cool stripes. So this is my inspiration.

Now that’s enough sewing to keep me busy for a while.

NB: My thanks to the Curious Kiwi for her helpful tutorial on using Photoshop and Gimp to visualize the pattern in the fabric. Now let’s just hope my projects come out the way I envision.


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