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The Great Wardrobe Makeover May 14, 2012

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about a new wardrobe because, frankly, I’ve spent more time over the years admiring trends than trying them. So, I’ve decided to MAKE-over my closet…..literally. The problem is that I have so many projects I want to do, its been more than difficult trying to plan coordinated pieces. My solution to that? I’m just going to go wild and do whatever I want … because that’s a luxury I can afford when I’m sewing! And maybe I can finally put a dent in my truly ridiculous stash.


By decree of both my doctor and my fiancé of 3 months, I’m currently doing a weight-loss program, so I’m also using this project as a motivator for those times when the cheesecake looks too tempting!


So far I’m feeling a slightly retro vibe, so little tunic dresses are really appealing to me. This year I’ve also been looking a lot at bright, cheerful colours (no real surprise there…I’m from the Caribbean), especially orange-y tones, and I’ve been dabbling with underwear and handbags.


Also blouses. Suddenly I want all kinds of floaty blouses to dress up, down and sideways.


And dresses … because I’ve been in such a girly mood lately.


And jumpers…. both long and short…..are you beginning to see my problem?


The one thing I’ve decided for sure is that whatever I make must be versatile enough that they’re not too of-the-moment, but I can still look fashionable. I like clothing that can last a long while. My design choices will be a mixture of the commercial patterns I have, free stuff I downloaded and self-drafted things based on styles I’ve see out there.


I’ll upload my first projects later in the week. For now, its back to sewing for other folk. I’ve got some school uniforms I have to get finished.


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