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UPDATE May 11, 2012

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I’ve been so busy with my Property Management class – 3 weeknights for 3 hours each – that I had to literally put everything else on the back-burner. This course has ended up feeling like I’m working and studying full-time. Thankfully, its winding down to summer and I’m now about half-way through the program so I feel like I’m now coming up for air.

There’s been little sewing up until last monthly when suddenly I was inundated with requests for work, so now I finally have a chance to update ……

The Burda Style Tunic Dress did not turn out well. It just ended up looking like an old-fashioned house dress, even after my idea for the grey piping did not work and I settled on store-bought white. So its back to the drawing board. I’m trying to decide on a new fabric choice.

The Kinda Fall Palette Challenge fell right through! I was so exhausted most days that all I did was fall into bed. I got as far as choosing about 6 patterns and that was it….so much for my plans for the Perfect Christmas LBD.

Needless to say, my plan for this fabulous blog has had a less than auspicious start. However, oh the upside, all these requests for work has rekindled my fire. I’m inspired again to work on turning my passion into a sideline business.


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