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The Burda Tunic Dress September 14, 2011

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Over the last weekend, we had a small brush with Tropical Storm Maria. It was very anticlimactic because the way things were looking on the weather reports, it was supposed to be a significant blow.

I woke up on Saturday morning to angry dark clouds, lashing rain, crashing waves and thunder & lightning. A perfect day to fiddle with sewing stuff because there was nothing else to do.

By the afternoon, however, the rain had stopped and although it was still overcast out, the skies weren’t that heavy black color anymore.

My plan was to finally start on the tunic pattern I had downloaded from Burdastyle back when it was a free pattern.  It was in the back of my mind to do this as a cute little casual dress for quite a long time…..item B on the tech drawing, but with 1 pocket like on D.


Last month I finally came across some fabric in my stash that fit the bill. Don’t ask me what kind of fabric it is, because I’m not sure at all!

I actually printed the pattern about a year ago, but never got around to assembling. Is it weird that I like putting together those print-at-home sheets?  Its like puzzles for grown-ups. And, if you like sewing, you don’t have to go out to the store to buy those crepe sheets that dissolve in sweaty hands.

Anyhow, I got my pattern glued….I don’t like the taping thing….and I cut it out. Then I had to figure out what size I wanted. I’m busty so my top half is one size while my bottom is another.

I haven’t actually cut any fabric yet because I want to use grey piping on the yoke piece, pocket, and maybe the sleeves, but none of my local sewing suppliers had the color I want.

So imagine my delight to find on this piping tutorial on

I should be able to find just the right shade of grey fabric I need in my stash, and I’ll get the added benefit of having a piping in something more interesting than ordinary cotton.


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